Insane Courage

276502e223f4db4e8f8b9b003fac55d9I found this quote on Pinterest. For some reason, it really stuck with me. I feel like there are a lot of things I want in life, but something (or someone) always seems to be standing in my way. Sometimes it’s comfort that stands in the way – stability, normalcy, not wanting to shake things up. Sometimes it’s a person – someone who disagrees with me or opposes me, maybe even discourages me without realizing it. And sometimes … I stand in my own way. I talk myself in and out of good ideas, I lack courage and guts to do something bold. Something that could be life changing.

So here I sit. Typing at a computer at work. At a job I searched so hard for … and that’s been in constant flux since the day I started. I don’t know how I fit in here … sometimes I don’t even really feel like I’m here at all. Like my presence just goes unnoticed. I have no idea what the next few months might bring … maybe more hours … maybe less.

The uncertainty of it all is getting to me.

And then I think, if I could do anything I wanted in the world what would it be? And my dreams explode from inside me. I think about what I’d do if money was no issue … or if failure was impossible.  I feel so strongly about some things I want to just jump in … but often lack of courage or lack of resources, holds me back.

What would happen if I just jumped?


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