Fitness is …. fun?

We’re all warned about the “Freshman Fifteen,” the weight gain that typically accompanies the first year of college. But what no one told me about, was what happens after college. Lack of walking, increase in sedentary behavior, and the inability to keep vegetables fresh for more than 2 days = weight gain.

For a long time I complained. That didn’t accomplish much, so I resolved to exercise and eat less. Well a resolution means nothing until you take action. After months of excuses, I began my journey back to fitness.

Monday I began the sixth week of a 5K training program. I may not have lost any noticeable weight, but I feel great about my progress. I’m not running far, fast, or even the whole duration of the workout … but I’m out there and I’m moving.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting to run, choose a training program. Don’t just put on tennis shoes and expect to start running. Each morning I have a coach in my ear telling me what to do and when to do it. Not only does it help pass the time, but she helps me push a little harder every day.

It’s the small steps that make for a brighter future and a healthier tomorrow.


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