A Call to What?

There is a good chance I’ll mention my thoughts on ministry and being a minister’s wife more than once. So I just thought I’d share some of my early thoughts on the matter.

Before Jonathan and I started dating, we talked about a lot of important things. We’d both had relationships not work out in the past and wanted to make sure we knew each other before we decided to try dating each other. Since we were in college, one of the first topics was obvious — what do you want to do as a career? We met because of our mutual degree in Media Communication, but I knew he wasn’t interested in the same type of career field I was. But I was never expecting the answer he gave:

“I want to go into music ministry.”

Of course I liked this boy … so my first response was, “Oh .. that’s cool!”

But my head did not think that! For years I had declared I could never marry a minister. Particularly a senior minister. Not because I didn’t think minister’s were awesome people (I absolutely do), but I was definitely not nice enough or spiritual enough to fit the role of ministry wife.

Almost 3 years into our relationship and I’m the wife of a music minister. Ironic how God’s idea of what we’re capable of and equipped for is so different than our own. I still don’t feel like I’m good enough to be a ministry wife, but my journey has brought me here nonetheless. So my only option is to put my best foot forward and hope that God can find a way to use my inadequacies to further His Kingdom. I’m so glad He can use broken people for great things.


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