Jesus’ Narrative

Growing up, I was always directing mini-plays starring my siblings or making movies with my cousins. It wasn’t until I was a communication major in college that I learned what I truly loved is “story.”

Everyone has a story to tell. What seems mundane to you may sound like to an exciting adventure to someone else. The daily routine and tasks of normal life seem simple, but great stories don’t always start with something miraculous. Each simple movement, decision, and comment is a part of the story you are telling. It probably isn’t a story that will be published, it won’t be read by thousands. But the story we choose for our life communicates to everyone we interact with.

I recently read an article that highlighted this concept of story in an even broader way.

“[People] act as if the Bible is a code of conduct; but it’s not. Instead, it’s a narrative about Jesus’ authority and the opportunity to do life with Him. The Bible also isn’t about getting people to become Christians. It is the story about a God who made the world; how He interacted with it; how His creation drifted away from Him; and how God made a path back to Himself through Jesus.” – Bob Goff

The life we live is a story. It’s a story of broken people learning from a God of mercy. It started with a story of love that has transcended the ages … and we all get to be a part. So don’t get discouraged in times of conflict … those are the most rewarding parts of the story. Without the conflict, our stories would be dull, and boring. As conflicts resolve, our story doesn’t end .. it’s only the beginning of something new.


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