More Than a Casual Distraction

I’m making a decision. I’m deleting the time sucking, addicting, distracting games from my phone. They may have been free downloads, but with time sensitive challenges, I found myself getting carried away trying to meet deadlines. In fake environments where I ran a town or a farm.
The games were fun, but I began to realize that while I wasn’t scheduling my days around TV shows (thank you DVR), I was beginning to time out my daily activities to make sure I’d produce enough cheese to fill a boat shipment, or get people to work on time to get more money. The games became more than just a something to pass time waiting at the BMV, but they became a higher priority than any iPhone game should be.
It may seem like a silly thing to make a big deal of, but since I had met so many achievements in these games it was hard to hit delete. That meant I had nothing to show for all the time I had invested. But the games were more tiring to maintain and become less enjoyable to play.
We live in a world when information is at our fingertips. We have access to anything we want when we want it. I feel like I can make better choices about how I use the gift of technology and how I manage my time around everything we can access. The games became an escape from reality — and I stopped reading books for fun. I stopped paying as much attention to the people, events, and things around me at times. It helped me forget that life might change again and helped me avoid dealing with reality.
It was time. I need to read more books, learn new recipes and and not stare down at my little screen as much. It’s time to look up and pay attention to life.

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