After two and half months of wedded bliss … and eating lots of pasta … and ice cream — Jonathan and I have joined a gym. Marriage has added a few pounds to the both of us, and we decided we are going to be healthy starting now! It’s hard to eat healthy when quick thrown together meals typically aren’t. Pizza is an easy favorite, we call, 20 minutes later dinner is ready with no fuss or clean-up, and then 20 minutes after that we have an empty pizza box. We are working on eating better — Asian veggie stir-fry is quickly becoming a favorite healthy choice!

Jonathan has been playing tennis at a nearby YMCA with a friend from church and has been talking for months about getting a membership. We decided we look into it after the wedding and make our decision then. So finally, my self-image has drooped to a low, and now we are gym members. Have been for six whole days!

We went Monday for the first time together, and I think it went well. The hardest part in continuing our plan is to motivate ourselves to get to the gym. It’s about 20 minutes away, so it’s not really a quick thing we can squeeze in when we have time. But I think eventually we’ll get the hang of this! There are a few group classes I’d like to do — yoga, zumba. This is going to be an interesting journey!



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