Making a House a Home

We’ve been married for about a month now, and I feel like we’re almost settled. Almost. We spent some wedding gift money this weekend shopping off of our registry for the things we discovered a really necessary that we didn’t get (bathroom rugs for example). Some stuff has been placed in it’s rightful home, but yesterday our family room/dining room carpet was replaced. The whole room had to be emptied and now we’re starting back at square one. I’m looking forward to having a fully restored and furnished looking home again.

Back when I graduated college, my parents gifted me money toward a desktop computer. We decided to hold off on purchasing until after the wedding, mostly because the house was chaos up until then and we had hoped to get enough money to buy a real desk for our office. We had registered for one we liked at Target, but since May, they sold them all and it’s not available¬†anymore! So we’re back to square one. I mentioned looking online at IKEA .. we bought our bedroom furniture there and love it! So we’ll check it out. That store makes decorating look like art. I wish an IKEA designer would just come make my house look amazing like that….



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