Chi-Town is not just for Runners

chi-townAbout a year ago, my mom called to tell me that she was running the Chicago Marathon in October 2012. All my life, my mother has never been a runner. We always bonded over our lack of athleticism compared to the rest of our family, so the news came as quite a shock to me. I thought, “surely she is kidding.”

A group of about 300 people from her church were joining together to raise money for World Vision to provide water for two villages in Africa, and the race was their way of raising money. I watched over the last year as my non-runner mother overcame her body and got in shape, running incrementally more miles each week until she ran 20 miles just a month ago. Her dedication to this cause was truly inspiring because she was doing something that was not easy for her. Staying committed to her training was a challenge every day, and I’m proud of her for sticking with it.

photoThe second weekend of our marriage, Jonathan and I traveled up to Chicago to spend the day with my marathon mom. The weekend of her race was finally here. We spent the day with her and my dad, and later met up with my aunt, uncle, and sister. We didn’t do much sightseeing because she needed to save her legs and feet for the race, but just walking from the train station, to the bus stop, and then to the hotel was enough to remind me how much I love the city.

We returned home Saturday night because of church Sunday morning. I paid little attention to the sermon. I had signed up to get text updates tracking my mom’s run. All I could think about was 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Mom finished her race just a few minutes past the 5 hour mark! Such an accomplishment for a “non-runner”! 


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