Setbacks and Successes

It’s the week of the wedding, and as soon as I start to get truly excited someone or something comes along and rains on my parade. I don’t care if it’s realistic to understand that it MIGHT rain on Saturday or something likely won’t go according to plan … but to have complete strangers (at least 5) come up to me at church the week of my wedding and “encourage” me with comments about the aforementioned things THE WEEK of my wedding — it’s just rude. If you don’t have something nice to say to me this week, please just DON’T say anything at all. Also, it seems weddings magnify life’s problems tremendously. It surfaces issues that I knew existed, but apparently didn’t know how deep the conflict went. That’s all I’ll say about that. Yesterday was just extremely frustrating.

In exciting news: Jonathan and I have the house almost totally put together. We spent Friday evening putting shower gifts away, and got all our new dishes, silverware, bowls, etc. washed (a HUGE thank you to my future mother-in-law for that!) and put away in their kitchen place. We got boxes taken out to the trash, bags of garbage collected. It was a seriously productive evening.

Saturday, Jonathan focused on cleaning up the outside of the house and I focused on cleaning up the inside. We are having the rehearsal dinner here and want people to see the house as it will actually look (or close) instead of wedding chaos. So Jonathan trimmed bushes, pulled weeds, destroyed a flower bed that had turned into a jungle. I brought some of my stuff over from my apartment to try and figure out where it fit. I reorganized our closet so that Jonathan’s clothes only takes up half and mine have plenty of room. I also started sorting out what clothes I want to pack for the honeymoon! Eek! I also cleaned the master bathroom (can I just say it will take some getting used to living with a boy??), dusted the whole house, and vacuumed the whole house! We watched a movie in the evening so I could get all of our programs done.

Sunday, the Colts played football so I sealed and return addressed all 81 bridal shower thank you notes. I also finished our picture slideshows, and Jonathan burned CDs with music for the ceremony. We also packed and moved another 4 boxes of odds and ends from my apartment. Seriously, that place has a bed, 4 outfits of clothing, and stuff to take a shower. And a love seat that is too heavy for me to help move.

I’m thrilled with how much we accomplished this weekend. Only a few more days of preparation before it’s time for celebration! Can I just say … the thing that has been the most exciting this week is how excited Jonathan is 🙂 You know how at the end of a school year (typically right before graduation, but not necessarily), students get really excited and start counting the lasts? “This is the last time in this classroom,” “This is the last time I will ride this bus,” “This is the last lunch I have to pack for a whole summer.” Jonathan has been doing that all weekend! “This is the last Sunday we won’t be married.” This is the last Saturday night we will spend apart,” “Today is my last Monday of work as an unmarried guy.” His co-workers have already started teasing him about it and he’s only done in it front of them for one day! I seriously love that man .. and I’m just tickled pink that I get to marry him on Saturday! ON SATURDAY!! That’s this week!!!


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