From Wedding Planning to Home Improvement

Essentially the wedding is planned. We have some details to confirm, and a few outstanding purchases to make, but we could get married tomorrow and pretty much be alright 🙂 We had a very productive weekend after I few stress breakdowns I had last week. We found a hotel down in Indy for after the wedding – we’ll need to leave the hotel by 3:00AM so being closer to the airport was our main priority. We found and bought Jonathan’s wedding ring! That was probably my highlight … I paid half so they could send it away to be sized. I will be able to pick it up after August 18!

We also visited some craft stores looking for some ceremony detail things – I found a basket for the flower girl, a garter, and we found 2/3 of our sand! We are still looking for gray sand, so if anyone happens to come across any, please let us know where you found it! I found some online, but the sand is so cheap we were paying more in shipping than for the actual sand. We also did some pricing for balloons…. but that is still our surprise element.

Here’s what’s still coming up … I’ve added a few more things because the closer we get, the more “upcoming” to-do’s there are, but we have crossed some big tasks off the list!

Upcoming to-do’s:

  • Buy Jonathan’s wedding band
  • Book a hotel for the night of the wedding 
  • Consolidate my lists
  • Meet with Rob to discuss wedding ceremony
  • Finalize flowers
  • Meet with reception venue to finalize food and decoration choices
  • Attend 3 showers … buy and write thank-yous!
  • Order/buy any ceremony/reception details
  • Choose jewelry 🙂
  • Bachelorette Party??
  • Move my stuff to Jonathan’s 
  • Pack for days leading up to the wedding and the honeymoon
  • Marriage License 

Paint Colors

Now that the major details of the wedding are in order, we’ve shifted gears to home-improvement! Since the rehearsal dinner may be the only time some of our out of town family and friends see our house, we want it to look like OUR house and not the mish-mashed look of projects half-way started. We’ve got the edges of carpet pulled up in some places, plaster filling all the former nail/screw holes, and paint swatches taped to the walls. Tonight we went to pick out new carpet, we bought primer, and to motivate ourselves to finish priming we did not get the paint colors. Having blank white primed walls will motivate us to get the color on faster…. or at least that’s the thought. We’ve still got 5ish weeks, so it’s possible that with help, we’ll be able to get this all accomplished pre-wedding.


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