August … the month before September

August 1st marks the official month-and-a-half point! Eek!! There are 15 days until Jonathan’s birthday, 30 days until September, 44 days until my birthday, and 45 days until the wedding! So many big days in such a short amount of time! It just seems amazing how quickly August has come!

Monday was our second (and final) premarital counseling. I think I share how complicated of an ordeal that was, but we finally were assigned a counselor and we were able to meet with her twice before her semester ended. She has August off, but she said she would meet with us after the wedding to continue counseling. I think we’ll really benefit by continuing to have a third party with professional input as we try and navigate those first few months of adjustment.

Yesterday evening, I had my dress fitting! Ronda (my future mother-in-law) came with me, and the seamstress took a look at what work would need to be done. My dress has proven to be nearly perfect 🙂 She just has to make two minor adjustments, but nothing that would at all change what the dress looks like! It was so fun to wear it again … I’m getting so excited to spend a whole day in that amazing dress! It’s in her hands now … which is great because I’ve had moths visiting my house lately and I was starting to get paranoid that they’d eat holes in my dress!

Other exciting news … our work calendar officially lists my time off for the honeymoon! I’ve been approved to have time off for the day before the wedding and the whole week after! I wasn’t sure how that all would work out since I’ve only been working here a short time. But it’s all worked out, so that’s one less thing I need to worry about now!

Jonathan and I keep making lists of the things that still need to happen, or how everything will work the day of … and all the last minute preparations. Unfortunately, I’ve been making the lists on whatever I can find when we start brainstorming, so none of the lists are in the same place and, at this point, might have contradicting information. I think I’m just going to need to find some time to consolidate so we can keep track of what’s going on.

Since I have …. unquie … dietary preferences, my honeymoon research has pretty much consisted of “will there be food I can eat?” Last night, we found an excellent resource online that had reviews of restaurants in Aruba, and we were able to find a good number near our resort. The resort has two, and appears to be within walking distance of a few more (well reviewed) restaurants to provide us with some variety and options. So far, I’ve found at least one thing I like on each menu, so we’re in luck! I’m really starting to get excited about traveling and being able to vacation with my husband!

Upcoming to-do’s:

  • Buy Jonathan’s wedding band
  • Book a hotel for the night of the wedding
  • Consolidate my lists
  • Finalize flowers
  • Meet with reception venue to finalize food and decoration choices
  • Attend 3 showers … buy and write thank-yous!
  • Order/buy any ceremony/reception details
  • Choose jewelry 🙂
  • Bachelorette Party??

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