Mailbox Stalking

Everyday this week, the first thing I do is check our post office box! I love seeing who is actually coming to our wedding! After the second day (receiving multiple cards) Jonathan asked me, “We’re probably going to get more than one of these every day, huh?” That’s been the case this week at least! 63 of you have responded with a “YES” and only 2 have had to say “no.”

I’ve actually been surprised by the amount of out-of-town guests who have already responded … I would have guessed that people who lived nearby would be the first to get their invitations, most likely to come because of proximity, and first to respond because of those other two things I said. But we’ve gotten friends from Michigan and Ohio who are all excited to come! The more people who say they’re coming, the more this all feels real. But at the same time, the closer we get to the wedding the more I keep thinking, “is this seriously really happening?!” I just can’t believe I’m getting married … it’s always been one of those things I dreamed about as a little girl, but I couldn’t ever see how it would play out. Now I just sit and imagine it how it’s really going to be and it still feels like a dream.

It’s also amazing how quickly something can become normal. Jonathan and I got engaged at the end of April, which means I’ve been wearing my ring for 3 months now. I only take it off to shower or wash dishes or swim in the lake. This morning I took off my ring to wash the dishes in my sink and consciously said to myself “do not forget to put that back on!” We are going to Michigan this weekend, and Jonathan is picking me up from work, so I won’t be going home before we leave. I knew if I forgot it, I’d likely have to go the whole weekend without it. Well, I’m probably two-thirds of the way to work, and I realize that I did in fact leave my ring on the windowsill in my kitchen. Ugh … Jonathan said he’d go over and get it before he leaves, but I’m attempting to make it through the very first day of not wearing it. So far, it’s been very distracting, my hand feels really light, and my finger feels weird. I just hope that’s the only thing I forgot for this weekend. It’s been a very forgetful morning…


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