On Being a Bridesmaid

This weekend I was a part of two of my friends’ beautiful wedding! After Jonathan and I mailed out our invitations on Wednesday, I was in bridesmaid mode! Glenda’s bachelorette party was Thursday night and Alex (the maid-of-honor) through such a great party! We had dinner, played games, gave Glenda some fun gifts, and just enjoyed a girls night together.

Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Then we (the bridesmaids) went back to the hotel with Glenda to spend her last evening as a single woman together. We practiced getting her dress on and off (which proved very beneficial), made toasts in her honor, and tried to get some sleep. The day of the wedding came and it seemed like everything was happening so fast! We were moving from one thing to the next  the entire day, and before we knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle! We all tried to hold back tears during the ceremony and before we knew it, Mr. and Mrs. Rehr were walking out of the sanctuary as a brand new established family.

The reception was at Roseburg, so of course, my parents, Jonathan, and I were all making mental (or actual in my parents case) notes. We even convinced my parents to come dance with us, and boy was that a treat! They are still so young and that is just so much fun for me!

For those of you who don’t know…. after every wedding we’re been to together, Jonathan and I debrief what we liked about the wedding and what we would do differently to brainstorm ideas and try to get a better feel for how our day will go. Since we’ve been so involved in a number of weddings this summer, it’s been extremely beneficial to see what happens prior to the ceremony in addition to ceremony and reception traditions. This wedding debrief was especially helpful because our reception venue was involved  and my parents were able to weigh in and we could make actual decisions.

The biggest step forward this weekend was creating a rundown of both Friday and Saturday. In our debrief, we decided that having a timed outline of the weekend was essential to keep everyone on track and on the same page. We also noted that we needed a rundown for both the ceremony and reception so the order of events was clear to whoever will need to move it along. After my parents left Sunday morning, Jonathan and I put together both the outline weekend schedules and the detailed rundowns based on the conversation from the night before. There is still opportunity to add or change things, but at least at this point we have a good idea of how the weekend will look!

We also went through the rundowns and made note of any places that needed a specific song and made those decisions! We only have a few songs left to pick, but two involve a parental opinion (father/daughter and mother/son dances) and I need to pick a song to use during the bouquet toss. Jonathan (who is not a huge fan of the garter toss to begin with) got really excited about a song we found on a list, giggled for about a minute, listened to the whole song, and then didn’t really want to help me pick a song. Oh boy… So I need input from whoever cares to give it.

There are 7 weekends between now and wedding weekend … and we are only free two of them. Yikes! This weekend we’re visiting my family, next weekend Jess and Kyle are visiting us, August 10-12 is free, the next weekend is my church shower, the weekend after is Jonathan’s family shower, the next weekend is Labor day (lake and my family shower in Ohio), September 7-9 is free, then it’s the WEDDING! AHHHH …….. This whole engagement, Glenda and Bill’s wedding was the last big thing we had before our wedding, and now it’s done and my mind has finally realized how close this is getting!


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