Nothing seems to go as planned … and it’s always OK :)

When we ordered our invitations, we had to complete two separate transactions to use our Groupons. We found Vistaprint Groupons that cost $17 for $70 worth of product… we bought 4 … pretty much an awesome deal. In order to use them to our advantage, we had to make two separate orders and apply one Groupon to each. Since we had two orders, we opted to save some shipping costs and go for the standard 14 day shipping as opposed to paying $10 more to get them in 7 days. It was risky, but I figured they might be running ahead of schedule and if not, we’ll still get them in plenty of time. We’ve had a couple busy weeks, so I don’t know when I would have been able to do a whole lot of addressing anyway.

They were scheduled to arrive on or before 7/23/12. That would be the Monday after Glenda’s wedding, which was fine because I knew I would have plenty of time after all the festivities were over. I’ve been keeping track of the print progress, and saw on Monday that they had been shipped! So began the most distracted day and a half of my life 🙂 I kept checking UPS tracking online to see where they were, and yesterday morning (Tuesday) saw they were in Kokomo! They were scheduled to arrive in Converse today (Wednesday)! Last night, I made sure I had any additional inserts printed and ready to go, and printed out the guest list.

This morning when I got to work, I checked the tracking status. Somehow during the night, the package went from Kokomo to Indianapolis and then back to Marion?? Bizarre stuff. I didn’t think it was too big a deal … Marion and Converse are practically neighbors, so I thought surely it could still make it sometime today. Then I checked the estimated delivery date. It had changed to tomorrow (Thursday)!! Wednesday was my only free evening this week, because Thursday through Saturday would be days for Glenda and wedding party related events! If the invitations came tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to work on them until at LEAST Sunday … and I’d just have to let them sit there … in a box … waiting…. My impatience would have driven me insane!

Luckily, Jonathan suggested we just try and pick them up in Marion. They likely would just be sitting somewhere, so we thought it was worth a shot. We went to the Marion Post Office during our lunch breaks and practically had to beg them to search through the UPS slab of packages that were dropped off that morning. Thankfully, they were found and we were able to take them! We also bought all of the stamps we needed for the RSVP cards and envelopes … so I am ready to start the process of addressing and stuffing!

My parents are coming this weekend, and they both have told me they will do whatever I need them too.  I think they feel left out because they’re so far away. My dad volunteered them to stamp and seal envelopes! So they will take care of that this weekend, since I’m greatly involved in the wedding they are coming into town for and they may have some down time.

I’m just so excited to get these in the mail! Every step closer, I get more and more excited! It’s starting to feel real … although I think it will take being in my dress walking down the aisle for it to hit me!


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