Time for Details

We’ve hit the 2 month countdown! Yikes!! But awesome yikes 🙂

We came up with a list of all the stuff that still “needs” to get done. At this point we’re mostly down to the details … but we’re still waiting on the invitations to arrive. Until I get those mailed out, I’ll always feel like we’re behind! But I’ve now got the guest list ready for addressing those envelopes, and any additional invitation inserts ready to print 🙂 Jonathan has already agreed to stuff, stamp, seal while I handwrite all of your addresses by hand! Surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to this a little bit! But … I may be singing a different song after my hand cramps up and I have ink halfway up my arm.

I’m currently working on designing our programs. I know that doesn’t need to be done for a while still, but I have time now while I wait for that pile of invitations. I figure I’d better make the most of it, so I don’t have 5 million things to do the week of the wedding! Later this evening, Jonathan and I are going to work on table “identifiers” … we’re not using numbers … but I’ll let it be a surprise 🙂

It’s really distracting to attend church in the same room I’m getting married. I keep envisioning that day and brainstorming decorating ideas! Sorry Rob … I promise I have gotten something out of the sermons lately 🙂

I wish all of my bridesmaids were closer. The closest one is 45+ minutes away and the farthest is 5 hours (or so)! Poor Jonathan has had to really step it up as a bridesmaid and the groom! He’s been pulling double duty and I’m so thankful that he’s interested in helping me plan this! He’s taken a lot of stress off of me by being extra helpful … and giving me the occasional much needed backrub 🙂

We picked out some paint colors today for our house! We were looking for 5 colors … and somehow I ended up with 20 some paint chips … hmmmmm 🙂 But I think we’ve got a good starting point, and hopefully we can get that project underway in the next few weeks!


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