I know I already posted on this blog today (but let’s face it … how many of you pay any attention to this?) … but I forgot a few things pertaining to Jonathan that I forgot to include. They are worth a separate post 🙂

1.) Over the weekend, I asked Jonathan what he thought my dress looked like. I wasn’t going to give anything away, or tell him if he was close or not, but I wanted a guess so I had some idea of what he was expecting. His response:

“Probably poofy.”

So I asked what he thought the top of the dress would look like ..

“Strapless and really sparkly.”

“Poofy and sparkly? Why is that?” I inquired.

“I don’t know … that just how I picture wedding dresses.”

If only girls viewed wedding dresses the same way 🙂 there are at least 100 dresses that could easily be described as poofy, strapless, and sparkly! We’ll see how close he is in 61 days =)

2.) At least a month ago, Jonathan and I bought running shoes because we wanted to start working out. After much talk,  Jonathan has now gone on 3 or 4 different runs within the last week and a half. He’s always very proud to report just how far he’s gone and how fast 🙂 On top of those 3-4 runs … he’s also been on 2 walk/runs with ……… yours truly 🙂 That’s right folks … the black sheep of the Heck family is getting in the running game. Still hating every minute (my lungs are just not ready for this), but at least I’m not just eating ice cream and watching TV anymore! The first 8 minutes (of the 30 min. workout) are actually quite nice … but I just haven’t quite adjusted yet. Mr. Speed-racer has been good about trying to be encouraging, but I know I’m slowing him down.


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