Making a List, Checking it twice …. or three or four times!

Wedding invitations and RSVP cards have OFFICIALLY been ordered. This thing is really happening, people!! Every box checked off the list makes it feel more and more real!

On Thursday, Jonathan and I picked up guest room furniture and living room furniture we bought from friends of ours who are moving to Colorado. We spent a few hours Sunday afternoon moving everything around and setting up the guest room! Our house is starting to look like a real home and not just random furniture and boxes! I also moved all of my DVDs over yesterday … our movie collection is actually quite impressive. And now it is surprisingly diverse! Jonathan had action and guy humor comedies, I brought over romance and artistic films.  The shelf looks good 🙂 I’ll have to post some pictures of all of our home improvements!  Stay tuned!

This week is the Howard County Fair, so wedding planning is basically on hold. Jonathan (and his family) are huge fans of this fair, so we plan to go every night, Monday through Thursday. Friday, we will of course, go to the lake. There really isn’t a lot of wedding related stuff to do until we get the invitations anyway. I can’t address envelopes that aren’t here 🙂  So we’ll just enjoy the break and be thankful that we’ve gotten so much accomplished to allow us to enjoy time apart from wedding planning.


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