Goodbye June, Hello Stress.

I’ve viewed our short engagement as a blessing for the most part — we don’t have to wait as long, the planning doesn’t last very long, decisions can’t be second-guessed or minds changed over and over again. Overall, this is a great arrangement for me: an impatient planner!

However, I’ve reached the point now where it just seems like there are not enough days in the week or weeks in the month to get everything done without being completely consumed by wedding planning. Just about every weekend of the summer has something scheduled. Just about every day of the week is busy. And just about every week brings a new source of schedule conflict or a new unforeseen project that needs attention.

Up until now, I’ve been thinking we’ve got all this time and everything will get done no problem. Well now it’s July. There are two full months to go. July looks like this: 4th of July week, Howard County fair week, Glenda’s wedding, visiting home to meet Leah. August looks like this: Jess and Kyle visit, one free weekend (maybe), shower, shower, shower. Then it’s September and that doesn’t even count as a month because before it even starts it will be wedding week!! AHHHH!!! Why did I think life after college would be less busy?!

One by one important things that need to be scheduled are getting added to the calendar. The counseling center (FINALLY) called us back and we should hear within the week when we can start counseling. I need to get my dress altered still. I need to shop with 1-2 of my bridesmaids for dresses. We need to mail out invitiations. We (I) need to addresses a million evenelopes by hand … I’d also like to make some decorations and such. We want to fill all the holes in the walls at the house, prime, and paint rooms (although that isn’t urgent, but it will need to get done eventually). Thursday we are going to pick up furniture we are buying from a couple who is moving and doesn’t want to take everything with them.

On top of all of this – we both work full time, we have family we’d like to spend time with, we’re trying to make time for friends and hobbies, we try to make time for us, and I go to bed super early so I get enough sleep! So I’m really running out of hours in the day … because I’m sleeping at least 8 of them (however, this is literally one of the greatest decisions I could make!)

Oh July … why did you have to get in my head and mess everything up? Hey, stress … how are ya? … it’s been a while.


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