Summer lovin’

Two weddings of the summer have past … Evan and Danielle’s wedding a few weekends ago was beautiful and so fun! Next is Glenda and Bill’s wedding, which is rapidly approaching! Which means our wedding is in no time at all! Life is crazy this summer. The lastest summer lovin’ is that Alex and Matt got engaged today! It all just makes me so happy for all the friends in our life =)

I’m loved by so many people in my life! There will officially be three different showers for this wedding! My mom is throwing one, Jonathan’s family is throwing one, and the church is throwing one! Wow =) Such a wonderful showing of love! i’m thrilled to be a part of such wonderful, loving groups of people!

In other news, Jonathan and I are loving the TV show Parks and Recreation. We’re watching the seasons from the beginning on netflix. It’s very funny!


I don’t really have anything else new to add. Life feels like it’s going very quickly .. I just hope we can keep up!


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