“Aruba .. Jamaica … Ooooh I wanna take ya…”

Jonathan Alan Smith and I are officially traveling to ARUBA for our honeymoon!! We are thrilled! There is still the small matter of me taking off work .. but we’ll see what happens. I’ll be permanent full time by the end of this week, and I can FINALLY start earning vacation days toward this!

Jonathan bought his suit this week. It came in the mail yesterday and he was so excited that he had to try it on and show me =) He looked dashing! Every day we get closer the more real this all feels, but it still all just feels like a dream. I’m not sure it’ll hit me until the day before (or maybe the week of) the wedding. I’m just crazy excited to marry my best friend and be able to share the rest of our lives together!

We’re working on wedding invites … we’re still updating our registries … and we’re trying to muster up the motivation to start working on our massive painting project. Slow and steady wins the race right? We’ve also decided we are going to start running/biking … so hold us accountable to that. So far, we have biked a few times, and probably half of those trips were to the grocery store. But we both have running shoes … so that’s a start I guess.


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