Honeymoons and Home Repairs

This week we put together our furniture … well the parts that we had. We’ve got two nightstands assembled and one dresser. Jess is bringing the rest tonight! Which means we’ll probably put it together Sunday. Jonathan likes the furniture so much he just wants it all assembled so the room will look put together!

Dan Morris, one of our elders, stopped by this week to  RIP UP THE CARPET IN THE MASTER BATHROOM! You read that sentence correctly …. there was carpet put over vinyl in the bathroom. It was gross looking before we tore it up, and even grosser underneath. The building and grounds committee has approved us getting new flooring in there, in the dining room/family room area, and possibly the game room! Some of those places have wood floors underneath the current carpet, so we’ll check the condition of that before deciding on carpet … I’d be thrilled to have less carpet (less allergens!) but since it was covered there maybe be something aesthetically wrong with it. So there’s another project for us to get involved with. We’ve made no progress with painting yet, but we may have decided on a few colors, not specific paint colors, but just the color name—blue-gray, gray, yellow … we’ll get more detailed eventually. We are in no hurry to paint, that could be a winter project once wedding season and lake season is over and our weekends get boring again.

We also spent time this week looking into options for our honeymoon! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but my aunt and uncle are gifting us accommodations for our honeymoon at one of their vacation club resorts! There are so many wonderful places to pick from! We decided we wanted to stay at a resort in the Caribbean, and we found some really cool ones! So we compared different options at each (rooms, dining options, activities, guest reviews, flight costs, etc.) I’m pretty excited to go wherever we end up … I love beach vacations! No hiking or sightseeing necessary.

We’ve got another exciting family wedding this weekend!  Evan and Dani are getting married … and honeymooning in Disney World! How awesome =) There is almost exactly 1 month between the May, June, and July weddings we are a part of … and this last month seemed to go scary fast! That means Glenda’s wedding will be here in no time, and our wedding won’t be too much longer after that!



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