3, 2, 1 … GO!

This Friday will mark 3 months until wedding! Each month closer, the number seems drastically smaller, even though it’s only 1 number less than the previous. Oi… time flies, huh?

This weekend we got a lot done! I picked up my dress, we found Jonathan’s suit (probably) but they didn’t have the right size pants so no purchase yet, we picked out some silk flowers to incorporate into the bouquets, and the best part …. WE BOUGHT BEDROOM FURNITURE!

We went to IKEA with my parents and just wanted to look at some options, but we happened to find some we really liked! We may not make it up many more times before the wedding (and I’ll need my own dresser when I move in…) so we decided just to buy it! We were able to fit 1.5 dressers and both nightstands in my Focus. We hoped maybe we’d fit the bed frame, but Flynn couldn’t handle both the head/foot boards and the size pieces, so Jessica is going to bring it next weekend when she comes to visit! We’ve already assembled the nightstands and they look great …we’re going to attempt to tackle the dresser tonight. IKEA furniture is “full assembly required.” Luckily, Jonathan and I make a good team and we’re becoming pros at assembling furniture. I say we start our own business 😉

The next big wedding task is designing, printing, and sending invitations! So far … I have ideas. That’s as far as we’ve gotten. We’re also trying to do some research on honeymoon destinations in our free time, but there are so many choices!


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