Double Digits!

It’s officially 99 days until the wedding! I think my mom will be more stressed to learn that than me =)

This week has been very productive! We (finally!) mailed out our save the dates .. so keep an eye out for that. We also ventured down to Noblesville this week to do some shopping and celebrate our engagement! We’ve been so busy with summer obligations and trips and cleaning and wedding plans that we never really went out to celebrate! Our shopping trip was rather productive … I found shoes for a friend’s wedding that I’m in this summer, I found shoes I will hopefully be able to wear for my wedding, and Jonathan and I both found running shoes! (We decided we are going to start working out, and we didn’t have proper footwear.)

After shoe shopping, we wanted to check out Men’s Wearhouse to see if they had three piece suits for Jonathan and the groomsmen. We left there very quickly, when we realized their cheapest 2-piece was over $400. We still had a little time before the stores closed, so we wandered over to Express and Jonathan found a suit he (and I) loved for him! Unfortunately, they were out of the pants in his size, and no stores nearby or online still had them in stock. I think he found an alternative online, and we are going to check it out this weekend.

Right across the way from Express was Kay Jeweler (where my engagement ring is from). We thought we’d peek in and start to get ideas for wedding bands! The salesman was very helpful and wasn’t pushy … he knew he already had our business because my e-ring was Kay’s. Jonathan tried on a few bands, we got his finger sized, and he may have come to a decision. My decision is a little more challenging. I tried on a number of bands, and just didn’t love any of them. I’ll just have to go back another time when we have more time to explore. But Mr. Salesman did let us know our best deal for time to purchase and save money, which was really helpful!

We went to Houlihan’s for dinner. Super awesome. That’s all I can say about it. We will be returning back there ASAP.

This weekend will extend the wedding productivity. It’s my Dad’s birthday, so we thought we’d go to Michigan this weekend. While we’re there we will: pick up my dress and accessories, possibly buy Jonathan’s suit, shop for furniture for our house at IKEA, and shop for silk peonies to add to the bouquets and etc. Additionally, we will spend time with my family, which is always fun!

99 days of planning left!


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