Grown-up Stuff: Being an Adult is a LOT of Work!

I feel like wedding planning has been put on hold for a while because we’ve been doing boring adult things. Actually, we’ve been working on getting our house ready to live in. Jonathan is living there now, but he always comes to my house to eat because his kitchen has been so dirty it’s basically been unusable.  Here’s been the last week or so of our lives:

  •  Last week (Wed/Thurs) we tried to finish up and order our save the dates. It didn’t really work out as easy as we’d hoped, but maybe we can finish those up tonight (one week later.)
  •  It was Memorial Day weekend, so we spent 3.5 days at the lake with Jonathan’s family … and did no wedding planning at all! It was a nice break from EVERYTHING. We did discuss rehearsal dinner ideas with the family, but no actual planning 🙂
  •  We got back from the lake Monday night around 9:30pm … and discovered that his hot water heater was broken and a 1inch puddle of water covered the utility room. We spent a good 45 minutes trying to mop it up with towels … not pretty.
  •  Tuesday night I did 3.5 loads of laundry, we moved some more boxes, and tried to figure out Jonathan’s internet set-up.
  • Wednesday night: I moved the last of my stuff from my house in Marion, Jonathan came over to help and we cleaned what we could the best we could. (Boys are living there next … I’m sure this is the cleanest it will be for the next 12 months). I finished unpacking the last of the boxes I had at my apartment and did some cleaning because my Mom is coming to visit. When Jonathan was finished with band practice, we decided it was finally time to start attempting to clean the parsonage. Our goals: Mow the yard, clean and unpack the kitchen, clean both bathrooms. Doesn’t sound like a lot does it? Jonathan mowed and watered some new grass, while I started on the kitchen … I vacuumed the worst of the crumbs/dust/dirt from the floor, drawers, cabinets, etc. By that time, it was after 8:30. We finally ate dinner (frozen pizzas … yum) around 9:00. By this time, I was getting pretty tired, but I knew we still had a lot to accomplish. I scrubbed the fridge and freezer until my sponge started disintegrating, Jonathan dusted out all the cupboards, and cleaned the utility room, and washed the fridge drawers …all in the same amount of time, if that tells you anything. 10:00pm. We decided to tackle the floor. Two buckets of hot water, two brown sponges, and 45 minutes later … the floor was better but still not perfect. It was late … almost my bedtime, but we had one more thing to do before we could call it a night. Jonathan wanted to start putting stuff in the cupboard and drawers so his place would feel more like home and not like just some house he was staying at. So we strategically put away what we had there (most of our kitchen stuff is still at my place). Since it was almost midnight … we decided to leave the bathrooms for another night.
  • Thursday: I got an e-mail letting my know my dress and veil are in!! We also have a meeting at our reception venue tonight! Finally we’re taking a night off from house chores and back to wedding planning. Both of our moms are joining us and it’s hopefully going to be very productive and fun!

It’s been a crazy week … and it’s still not over. In the not so distant future, we want to start painting the house, so we’re going to have to start planning that and getting to work … we have 3.5 months to make this house feel like our place before I move in. If it’s not done by then, it’s not the end of the world, but I’d certainly rather contain the chaos within this already chaotic time in our lives, than to extend it much further than we need too!


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