Weekend Events – Part 2

And the best part of all of the weekend. Sunday. I drove up to Michigan to go dress shopping with my mom, sister, cousins, and aunts. The girls wanted to look for bridesmaid dresses before everyone dispersed for the summer, and this day was the only time all 5 of us could meet up to shop together. And I wanted to shop for my dress with all of them there, since we’ve only been talking about each others wedding’s since we were little girls! We started the day with the mentality that we were mostly just window shopping for bridesmaid dresses. They wanted to get a feel for what I was looking for because I’m letting my maids pick any style and varying shades of navy blue and gray. I really just want them to be comfortable and love their dress. I told them up front that they shouldn’t feel pressure to buy a dress just because we’re all together. If they happened to find one they loved, then great, but otherwise I just wanted them to have an idea of what to look for on future shopping trips. My priority was finding my dress, because with such a short engagement I didn’t want to be cutting it too close with shipping and alterations and fittings.
We started the day at JC Penney. We headed straight for the dresses, and everyone spread out looking for any dresses in gray or navy blue. Quicker than I thought, we were finding some great options and were all feeling very optimistic! So after a little while of looking, we headed to the dressing room! Kelsey and Courtney each tried on one dress, loved it, checked for my approval (how thoughtful!) and they were done. Jess and Alyssa each tried on two there and didn’t really love either one, but we knew we still had time and plenty of other stores to go to. Added bonus … my MOM even found a dress to wear at JC Penney! She hasn’t totally convinced herself, and is going to look at some other options, but it was 12:30 and we’d already purchased 3 dresses. Kelsey’s dress was $35 and Courtney’s dress was $65. So far, some pretty good deals. We stopped at a few more stores in the mall, didn’t find anything too promising, and before too long we needed to head over to David’s Bridal. It was my turn to try on some dresses!

I walked into David’s with my entourage of 7 following. We met up with my consultant, Cheryl, and she asked for some guidance on what kinds of dresses to look for, and she headed off to find some options. The first dress I tried on was a designer gown, more expensive than I’d hoped to spend, and absolutely gorgeous. It was the first wedding dress I ever tried on, and it felt so strange! It was a moment I’d been dreaming of all my life! I walked out of the dressing room and was not surprised to hear gasps and ahh’s. I came with a group of 7 very excitable and emotional women!  More than half of them started crying just because I was wearing a wedding dress. The dress was beautiful, but I wanted to see more (cheaper) options, and it was a little too glitzy for me. The next dress I won’t even describe because I didn’t like it at all, but it was by the designer of the first dress and on clearance, so she pulled it. I think she was not understand my priorities: I wanted something that was the style I wanted, not a specific designer. Anyway, we were soon back on track, and I tried on another dress I had pointed out. It looked like Cinderella, and was also beautiful, but still a little pricey and still a little glitzy. Jess was browing the catalog we got upon arrival, and found a dress like what I had described to her in the car.I won’t say too much about it because my groom might read this … and he deserves a wonderful surprise. I tried the dress on and it was PERFECT. Exactly what I was looking for, and in a price range I felt more comfortable with! So after admiring it for a while, Cheryl asked me, “Is this your dress?” (just like on the show!) IT WAS! I started crying … everyone else started crying, Kelsey pulled out the video camera, and then Cheryl brought over a bell. She explained that when a bride picked her dress, she rang the bell so that everyone in the store would know she found her dress and would cheer together! SO MUCH FUN!

After that, we accessorized for a while … I picked a veil and a headband that will work perfectfully to complete the wedding day look! I was so thrilled to have found a dress that I can imagine walking down the aisle in. Believe me, I’ve

By that time, we were all famished and ate a wonderful meal at Red Robin .. YUM!

We still had some time, so since we’d had so much success with bridesmaid dress shopping before, we figured we’d give Macy’s a shot, and give Jess and Lyss one more chance to find something. If not, it was still not a big deal … we would find something eventually. There is still time before the wedding. We went to Macy’s and after getting a little lost and confused, we found a few dress sections with clearance racks! So we spread out again, looking for all navy and gray dresses. Alyssa tried on 4 dresses and Jess tried on 5. Alyssa’s first dress was amazing on her .. the next three were nice, but just didn’t quite have the wow factor. Alyssa .. check .. $25. Jess tried her dresses on from cheapest to most expensive, didn’t find one she loved after 4 .. and was wary about dress 5. It had no price tag on it. So it could have been $30 or $300. She tried it on anyway, fell in love with it (we all did!), and we asked the sales associate if she could try and find us a price. After what felt like a half hour of waiting, she brought it back and said she found another dress by the same designer for $69. Jess wasn’t deterred by that, but sales lady said since it was the last dress like it in the store, she was going to check and see if it was on sale. A little while later she came back and told us it was on sale for $35! Score! Another sales lady, came over and told us, it was actually 65% off, not 45% …. so the dress ended up costing $25.60 … after tax!

Such a successful day of shopping! We were hoping for 1 dress … and found 6! When we got home, the 4 girls tried their dresses on together, and they looked incredible together! I’m so happy that my “vision” is falling in to place! Hopefully shopping with Megan and Amber will go just as smoothly, and we’ll have everything together in no time! I can’t wait!


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