Weekend Events – Part 1

It’s been quite an eventful week for the future Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Well really, an eventful weekend. Saturday one of our bridesmaids (Jonathan’s sister Amber) got married .. which was AMAZING! Everyone join together now and pray that I can control my tears a little bit at my own wedding. Watching people who so obviously love one another devote their lives to togetherness … it gets me everytime. So congrats to my future sister-in-law =)

The day before Amber’s wedding, Jonathan and his dad did some major moving for the two of us. For those who might get confused easily (this story is a bit on the complicated side) .. Jonathan and I did NOT move in together. Just so we’re clear. My lease ends May 31, and since I have a job in Marion now, I needed a place to live. At the most oportune time, the church parsonage became available starting in June (or so we thought). Jonathan would then move into the parsonage, I would take over his apartment, and 4 months from now, I’d move my stuff 2 blocks to the parsonage too. Luckily for us, the lady who lived in the parsonage before moved her stuff out early, called Jonathan and said you can move in starting Friday (May 18). His dad was in town, and on Jonathan’s day off, they moved his furniture out of the apartment, and my furniture of Marion. So we’ve now spent the last few days getting odds and ends to the right place. (The apartment isn’t very big, so some of my low priority belongings just moved straight to the parasonage … desk/office supplies, bookshelf, dresser, etc.) It’s been quite an ordeal and my apartment is a mess, and Jonathan’s house is pretty empty.

In the midst of all of this, Franki has been sending us incredible options for save the dates, and we’ve been tweaking and narrowing down our options. We finally made our decision and are looking into printing options to try and find the best deal. So those will hopefully be able to go out before the end of the month! I think our guest list is pretty much good to go, so we’ll be able to turn these around pretty quick!


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