Only Just the Beginning

We haven’t even been engaged 4 days yet … but already I feel like we’re trying to do a million things at once.  The biggest decision is finalizing a date. We’ve picked one .. the church is free .. but we need to find a reception venue that’s nearby and fits our budget and style. We’re sending e-mails, making calls, and thankfully, my Mom who only has to work part-time is being a huge help with this!!

We hope to have our date finalized by the end of the week so we can move forward with other big decisions, like asking our wedding party to stand up with us, finding a caterer if need be, confirming a photographer, getting my dress, etc.

We’re getting engagement pictures taken this weekend! That will be very fun 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to send out save the dates shortly after that so we can let all of our guests know … which is something else we’re finishing up this week, and that’s the guest list. Our draft list has been sent to our parents for approval.

Jonathan went on staff retreat the day after we got engaged, so the two of us really haven’t had a chance for the two of us to celebrate … or even to really talk through plans. So I’m looking forward to tonight, so we can answer some questions and make some decisions!


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