A Pinteresting Christmas

Like many others … I’ve gotten involved with a new social networking site called Pinterest. I’ve gotten so many ideas for weddings, home decorations, recipes, and projects. Most right now are just ideas, but it’s so convenient to be able to browse new ideas and save them right to my own page.

All that to say, this Christmas I was inspired to make some of the gifts I gave to people. Originally, my goal was to homemake everyone’s gifts … but that just got to be unrealistic. But there were a few gifts that just stood out to me and said, “MAKE ME!!”

The Boy

I was really struggling with what to get Jonathan for Christmas. Since we just exchanged between the two of us, we wanted to give more than one present to open .. we decided on one big gift and two smaller gifts. Prices were all relative, so it didn’t matter what anything cost .. as long as one was bigger and the other two were just something small to open. I was really excited about my gift ideas for him this year. (I got him a Craftsman toolbox and a subscription to Relevant magazine .. may not seem important now, but a few years from now he might need reminding that I was good at getting him gifts at one time!)

The day before our Christmas, I still hadn’t figured out what to do for small gift #2. I had been furiously searching the web for ANY gift ideas for guys, loved ones, men, etc. Either it was two expensive or something he probably wouldn’t like or use. Finally, I turned toPinterest. Granted, I didn’t have a lot of time to buy or make anything … and I was getting desperate. But something jumped out at me … premade grill rubs! I found a link to another blog that had this idea, including recipes! I didn’t use the same recipes she did, but I loved the idea because Jonathan loves to grill!

So I perused the internet for some other spice combinations .. and came up with some simple ones that I hoped he would like. Thankfully he liked my idea … and (as of March 12th) he likes at least one of the rubs I made! I took my own spin on things, found the little glass jars at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap .. and made recipes that used spices I knew I’d want around anyway – and I have lots left for future cooking endeavors!

The Exchange

Every Christmas, our close group of girl cousins exchange gifts. We always struggle with what to get each other, so this year (inspired by Pinterest) we decided to “make the present.” It seemed like a great idea … because our crafting talents are really pretty limited, so we’d all end up with something of similar value. It’s the thought that counts right?

I ended up with my cousin Courtney, and I saw a scarf on pinterest that was PERFECT for her. So I decided to make it. WAY more complicated than I had thought. The link on pinterest had step by step instructions (incredibly helpful). The design involved a sewing machine (I had access to one of those), straight pins, thread, some fabric, and sewing scissors. Seemed simple enough … I figured I could totally handle this.

Turned out, I didn’t know how to use our archaic sewing machine, so I hand stitched the entire scarf. Yikes. It was a lot of work, and most of it was pretty unstable, but it turned out kinda cute. I sort of wish I had made one for myself too!

All the other gifts turned out surprisingly good too! We were all preparing each other for how disappointing all our crafts turned out … but we found out we are actually pretty talented! But we did decide — we will buy gifts from now on. It’s a lot less work and stress!

The Extra

The last gift I made was simply something I found and decided it was so simple, I couldn’t NOT make it! My friend Stephanie got married this summer, and I had kept the invitation (as inspiration for my own wedding). I finally found a better use for it from this really simple idea on one pinterest user’s blog.

It’s a Christmas ornament filled with little strips of a wedding invite! So simple and special. And it looks gorgeous on any tree. I made one for Stephanie and Austin, and I have three extra clear ornaments for all of this summer’s weddings! It turned out better than I expected, and it’s definitely a project I can — and will — repeat!


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