The home stretch

My senior project is almost complete.  Everything is due in 6 days, and I’ll give my presentation in 7 days. One week left of this project and then I will have completed the most intensive part of my degree.

I can tell it’s the end of the semester. There are a lot of homework assignments to finish, I’ve stopped caring about my appearance, and I stress cry at least once a day just to feel better. I’m tired, emotionally drained, getting sick, and still have work ahead of me. I’m really glad the worst will be over in exactly one week.

As for my actual project, it seems like some people are in the groove, want to just push through and finish strong to the end. Other people are letting the end of the semester stress weigh them down. These last two weeks are going to be the most challenging from a leader’s standpoint. How can I motivate people who have a million other things they need to work on, to give this one thing their best?

I try really hard not to take it personal when people don’t work hard, but I it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m not encouraging enough, or helping enough, or something … At the end of the day, I keep trying to remind myself that if people don’t want to do their best and put their best foot forward that is their choice. There is only so much I can do. I can’t control what they choose to do, I can only control how I choose to respond.

This project has been extremely eye-opening from a leadership standpoint. It takes a lot more than strong will and organization to make a good leader.  I haven’t figured out what exactly it does take, but I’ve definitely been challenged this semester.


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