Turning Tables

After our first week debrief meeting, the TV news class really seemed to kick everyone in gear. Stories got shot early, scripts were written on time. Thursday before the newscast, Tricia and I were just sitting around waiting for the show to start for a few hours.

It was like a complete turnaround. It seemed like everyone was starting to get it – to take ownership of the project themselves. They saw now what it took to put together a show like this, and they were starting to contribute in a helpful way.

The show didn’t run perfect though. Obviously … when is anything perfect? The show had too many stories in it, and during the show things had to be cut and rearranged. It confused the crew and the anchors … we hadn’t exactly figured out the best way to communicate to everyone. Tricia did great though, and so did Jeremy the director for the evening. There were plenty of learning opportunities throughout the night as curveballs were thrown every which way.

At the end of the day, I don’t feel like we improved as much as we could have in end product. This newscast wasn’t better than our first – it was probably the same quality. The quality wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a step up like I had hoped.

I’m worried that this week, people are starting to get tired of doing this every week. It’s only week three but I feel like it’s getting harder to keep people motivated. It’s the end of the semester and everyone has other class projects, papers, and tests that conveniently fall at the end of the semester. Finding the balance between this class and other classes is getting more difficult.

Overall, I still think there’s a lot of room for growth, but I’m encouraged by the progress I’m seeing in different people week by week.  It’s been a long journey, and we’re almost halfway … but there is a lot left to journey through before we’re done.


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