The Hat Rack.

I wear so many different hats that my hat rack is starting to get too full. I can’t always find the hat I want, and sometimes people hide the rack so I’m stuck wearing a hat I don’t want to. I’m a student, Crossroads producer, Crossroads reporter, Spectrum News producer, friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend …

Some hats haven’t been worn in a while. Sadly they’re really pretty hats … and they miss being worn. But at the end of the day, they will always be there and always be in style.

Some hats are forced on at inopportune times. I’m wearing the Spectrum hat, when all of a sudden it’s time to be a student. Unfortunately, it always seems to come at a time I’m deep within a project. I’d rather go to class super early in the morning and have the rest of the day to get a bunch of stuff done and not stop. And thankfully, 3 days a week are like that … but the other 2 just never seem to time out correctly.

I’d like to clear some hats off the rack. Student for one. And I’d love to only have to produce one show … but I can’t say which one I’d give up.  I like them both for different reasons and they are both teaching me something unique and important. With Spectrum, my role transitions now from show producer and executive producer, to just executive producer.  Still a lot of responsibility and a lot of leadership, but I’ll have more time to oversee everything without having to do it all too.

Maybe I just need to take all the hats off and take a break. A break from life, a break from roles, a break from being pulled in different directions. I just want to walk forward — not sideways, slantways, and upways.


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