It’s hard to delegate without trust.

It’s hard to have trust when people don’t follow through.

My senior project is turning into more than TV. It’s more than a newscast, more than producing. It’s about leadership … and communication. Zing.

Here’s what I learned this week: you can try and light a fire under someone, but unless you pour some lighter fluid on them nothing’s going to spark. In non-metaphorical terms … motivation is a dying art. I tried to communicate everything that needed to get done. I tried to delegate. I tried to give enough helpful information without people feeling babysat or bogged down. But at the end of the day, few people listened.

Don’t get me wrong … not everyone did a bad job. Overall, our first official Spectrum Newscast turned out very good. But I feel like there was a lot for me to do today (the day of the show) that should have been something that was done sooner. And there really weren’t excuses for that except laziness and procrastination.

Lack of communication to me was the most frustrating part of the week. I tried to get updates, I tried to find out who was doing what when. I can only do so much before I get a restraining order for harassment. E-mails, texts, phone calls … even facebook chats when I had to. It’s impossible to coordinate a show when you have no idea where things stand.

This week will hopefully be better.  I tried to throw my whole heart and soul into this show to set the bar high. Producing is not an easy job, and making everything else happen along with that is even more of a challenge.  This coming week, I’ll truly be just the executive producer and not trying to do everything else on top of that.


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