To Noggi or not to Noggi

Spectrum News makes its second debut … starting next week. This week we (thankfully) have a practice night. But that means that on top of everything else going on this week, it’s crunch time.

Today, I designed the logo and web banner. A few wonderful gentlemen from the class came in to assist me, so I know at least a few people like what we came up with. It was good to have input because before they got there, I felt like I was stabbing in the dark.  I don’t want this to turn out being just what I want. So anyway, we finished that … not challenging …  just some simple design in Adobe Illustrator. It was time to tackle the VIZ graphics.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about … ever watched CNN or ESPN? Have you noticed all the graphics on the screen? VIZrt is the program used to design all of those. Our school is blessed to have the program available for us to use. The problem: I hadn’t used the program for probably 2 years. Tim had no experience with it and Matt was kind of in the same boat as me … learned it, but didn’t remember everything.

All we knew, was that we needed to find the Noggi. Basically it’s the most basic shape to start building the graphics. And I sat there for almost a half hour before the guys got there looking under every tab and every folder for this stupid Noggi. I was pretty much paralyzed until I found that. My boss, Paul, who is the VIZ wizard wasn’t around, and I was getting pretty frustrated. The guys showed up and used the same search tactics as me. We just kept looking at each other saying, “Where is the Noggi?!” Other people in the room were looking at us like we were strange. Honestly, what kind of word is Noggi anyway?

Amazingly, Matt found the Noggi hiding under some obscure menu we had never thought to look at. That kicked off our successful beginning of VIZ graphics. We still only remembered bits and pieces of what we had learned (we never use this program), and I’ve commissioned Paul to help me tomorrow figure out all the stuff we don’t know!

Graphics is just one small part of what needs to be done Thursday. I know it’s just a practice, but I’d rather make this as real as possible. I don’t want to have to use a thrown together set that’s poorly lit with some borrowed graphics. We can do better than that. If I don’t get it done this week, that just means more work next week. And next week I’m supposed to produce the newscast, with real content and a real need to keep people accountable and motivated. This week at least I’m just building a script from stories that have already been shot and written. But that’s another thing that needs to get done. I need to track down all the scripts I’ve been sent, and add it all into the scripting program.

It’s not a lot of work, it’s just a challenge to find a good chunk of time to work on all of it. I can only do stuff in short amounts of time before I need to be somewhere else. Okay … it is a lot of work, but I do also have a crazy schedule this week with work stuff, so that’s adding to the complications.

I’m thankful for the people who are willing to pitch in and help; I seriously could not do this all by myself. This whole project is so dependent on others that I sometimes get frustrated (because I can’t do it!), but I’m also incredibly grateful for all the support I have from classmates, professors, and TV station staff.


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