It’s not just spiders and cobwebs up there…

I’ve always had very vivid dreams. Ever since I was a kid, I remember having dreams that felt so real I would wake up and have to reassure myself that I was just in bed and everything was fine.  This could be anything from a giant gorilla chasing me down the street (4 yrs. old) to a bizarre version of the rapture where heaven was a campground and God was a black woman (13 yrs. old).

Within the past month, the number of bizarre dreams has increased in frequency. There was one week where I could remember my crazy dream 5 out of 7 days. So I thought I’d share the latest … feel free to offer explantation, interpretations, or recommendation for a good shrink:

To set the scene … I am in a movie (yes, in a movie in a dream .. kind of like Inception). I’m living with my friend Stephanie who has recently gotten married and therefore I needed to move out. We spent some time redecorating and rearranging, when all of a sudden I was somewhere else. We were on an island and I was living with a very, rich, older guy (as a tenant) and there were a bunch of other people living there as well.  Well, the people on the island who were part of the government of sorts, did something to make the rich gentleman angry and he was forced to leave the island, and so were the rest of us living there.

So no longer on the island, I find I am with child and Jonathan shows up. I have the baby and find out that I can’t nurse her because I have breast cancer. My baby is malnourished by the time I finally get to see her a few months later … and I have no idea how to take care of her. My mom steps in to try and help, but I’m so discouraged (and also at some kind of local rec center at this point).

At that point, I woke up. So I have no idea how the baby is doing, I don’t know if my breast cancer is healed, and I don’t know what happened to Jonathan (he kinda disappeared).

Do you see what I mean? There have been many others, and usually something upsetting happens, but I never wake up feeling upset. Just very, very confused. Anyway, just thought I would share!


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