Marriage Maze

Saturday evening, Jonathan and I wanted to enjoy fall in all it’s glory. We went to an orchard/farm with apple trees, a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze. Sadly, most of the apples had been picked or fell off the tree, and the pumpkin patch was almost equally picked over. Finally we ended up at the corn maze. It seemed like fun, so we bought our tickets and headed into the maze.

This wasn’t just a bunch of corn, organized in a certain way to walk around in. They had a worksheet to go through and find answers. There were four different sections, and they only connected at certain places. It added a level of challenge, it gave us a goal, and got me thinking.

“Jonathan, I think the best premarital counseling people could get is to be put in a corn maze.”

He stopped walking and just turned back and looked at me. Obviously, this thought came out of no where and he needed me to explain how I came to that conclusion.

“Marriage is like a corn maze. It’s messy, it’s dirty, it’s chaotic. There are goals, and challenges. There are times we’ll feel lost. There are times we’ll need to make decisions about which way to turn and what our path should look like. It’s a journey full of challenges full of conflict.”

He was starting to see the comparison, but still wasn’t fully ready to embrace my analogy. We came to a point in the blue section where we could choose to enter the yellow section or the white section. We didn’t know what the map looked like. We didn’t know how everything connected in the end — just like in life. I told Jonathan I wasn’t ready to move on to a new section … we needed to stay in the just married phase before we had kids.

He chuckled at me. I understand why … I was being a little ridiculous. But I just loved the comparison. It was so realistic. We worked together to complete a task, to get through the whole journey of the maze … or of life. We had some disagreements, we went down a couple wrong paths and needed to turn around. But in the end, we found all the little clue spots, we found our way out, and we had a great time. Jonathan did get on board and at one point when we had to turn around and back track he said, “I guess I had to have surgery.” Then it was my turn to laugh.

We realize doing life together is no easy task. But all the challenges and conflicts are just a small part of a greater journey. A journey full of successes, fun, and love.

So here’s to entering the marriage maze. See you on the other side!


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