I Need a Magic Calendar

I need a magic calendar.

It’s that simple. There is no other way to make this work. Here’s the story problem:

The TV News class can get extra credit for helping with set and graphic design for the newscast. Six students expressed an interest in helping. Jaclyn gave a few times that would work to meet and start the actual planning process. Student A was only available Tuesday morning and Wednesday late afternoon. Student B and student C were not available at all on Tuesday. Student D said Sometime later on Tuesday would work best. Two students did not respond. How can Jaclyn schedule a meeting that the most people can come to?

Yes. I feel like this is a fourth grade math story problem. My solution: I picked a time that works for me, and two students that I feel are most crucial to have at the meeting. That’s one of the though calls of being a leader … I have to learn that it will be almost impossible to make this work for everyone. I did my best, I tried to give a wide variety of times, but when it came down to it, I had to schedule it at a time that was good for me (it IS my meeting after all), and I had to weigh the opportunity costs.  Student B has the most experience and will be the most help when it comes to set designing, and luckily student C was available then too. So at least I’ll have two people at the meeting … hopefully the “did not respond” students will be able to come too.


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