The Constraints of Time

The first week of classes is almost complete. I have one last class in 40 minutes, but generally I’m finished. Many of my classmates feel overwhelmed and are stressed already, but having looked over the few syllabi I have, I don’t foresee this semester being too challenging. Most of my assignments are reading, I have one paper per class, and a few minor assignments. My most time consuming “class” will be my senior project.

Already, I feel very confident in my project. I created my semester timeline last night, and when I broke down tasks on a week by week basis, it didn’t see like as big of an undertaking as it did initially. It’s very manageable. Obviously, there will be tasks I overlooked or things I add along the way, but nothing to drastic.

I’m already having a hard time pulling myself away from this project. My heart is already completely invested, and I find myself looking for ways to work on things already and find ways to make it better. I think finding time to do other homework will be my biggest challenge this semester. And there are definitely enough other things pulling for my attention: other classes obviously, I’m participating in a theater production for class credit which will require a chunk of my time, my job with WIWU and Crossroads, my friends, my family, and my relationship with my significant other. With all these things pulling me in every direction, it will be even more important to schedule time to maintain and grow my relationship with Christ. I tend to put that on the back burner because God doesn’t have a due date, but our relationship does require maintenance and I need to keep that a priority and focus … otherwise I’ll probably go insane by the end of the semester.

My hope is to make the most out of the rest of my time as a student. As much as I’m ready to get away from student life and classes and homework, there is something about this phase of life that is special and I know I’ll miss it when I’m done. I don’t want to look back in June of next year and wish I’d done something different. So here’s to a strong semester, to finishing well, and keeping my spirit’s lifted.


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