Making the Old … News.

My senior project is unique. Granted, everyone’s is original and there is no limit to what the options are. My project is working in tangent with a class. A class that I was a part of 2 years ago.  The hope is that I will fill in the gaps that the class isn’t responsible for.

Two years ago when this class was first offered, we did the best we could. However, our class was limited. There weren’t as many people in it, we all knew how to shoot video (for the most part) but didn’t know much about journalism, we all wanted to focus on the producing side of things … no one knew how / was interested in spending more of their precious time designing the set or the graphics or the bumper videos or the social media. It wasn’t graded … and the graded work took up enough time as it was.

So that’s where I come in this year. I don’t have weekly packages to shoot. I don’t have to try and balance this class with other challenging classes that take a lot of time.  My schedule is intentionally laid back this semester so that I have the time to pour my heart into this news class.

My goal: I want this newscast to be well put together. I want it to look good, I want it to sound good, I want everyone to feel confident and know what they are doing. It’s possible, and I’m going to make it happen.


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