You Know You’re a College Senior When ….

It’s my last first day of college, so I’m starting a list … and I’ll add to it throughout the year. There is just so much about senior year that is different than all others. So as I think of new things, I’ll add them to my list and hopefully get others to contribute their thoughts as well!

You Know You’re a College Senior When ….

… you start adding “last” as a verb in front of things.
… you spend your first day of school working on your senior project.
… everyone in your major knows you except the freshman.
… you’ve already got skip days planned.
… you’ve finally learned than “reading” and “skimming” are synonymous.
… most of your classes are electives, and most of your classmates are seniors.
… professors keep referencing how practical things are for after you graduate.
… your general attitude is either nonchalant or majorly stressed.
… you wait so long to order books that you don’t get it in time for the first quiz.
… you can write a 5 page research paper with 6 sources in one day amidst all the other things you have to do.


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