Moving On

I absolutely hate moving. I don’t like packing. I don’t like trying to unpack and figure out where everything is going to go. I don’t like not knowing where my stuff is. This has been a summer that has involved a lot of packing and a lot of moving around. I’m tired of it. I want to just pick a place and stick with it for a while. It’ll be nice to have that stability for a while at school.

I move into my house on Saturday. I can’t even believe how fast this day has come. One minute I was nervously moving into a dorm room starting the journey of college, and now the end is in sight and I’m living on my own (with a roommate). Finally the freedom to come and go whenever I please, to burn a candle if I’m in the mood, to hang lights from wherever I want, and eat food I make myself. There are no more rules about how I should hang curtains or when I can have guests over or how many inches away from the wall my bed should be. It’s a very nice feeling to not have to worry about the petty rules the school puts in place for dorm living.

It’s a new chapter in life, and one I’m definitely looking forward to. Today is overwhelming, but after Saturday, I’ll have two weeks to relax, regroup, and reorganize before school starts back up again. Then I’ll have to worry about classes and grades and projects.

I’ve very much enjoyed my last few weeks at home. It was the shortest summer vacation I’ve ever had – only 3 weeks – but I feel like I’ve done almost everything I would have normally done on a summer break. I spent time with my family, I made a couple trips to Ohio, I saw friends, I had a lot of down time, I went shopping, I went swimming, and I went to graduation parties. That’s a typical summer in a nutshell, I just eliminated the part where I get bored and long to go back to school simply to have something to do.

So I guess I’m ready to move on. Get back to my job. Get back to some of my friends. Get back to studying and finishing up school.  It’s a short period of time, and it’s gone faster than I ever imagined. I don’t know if I’m ready for it to end, but I’m definitely not in the school mindset yet. I’ve been used to working a 9-5 day and student life tends to throw that schedule off a bit. It’s a new year, with new goals, and new things to accomplish.


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