Who Designed This?

It’s my last day. I thought today would be a fairly easy day. All I had left to do on my projects was export them, save them to an external hard drive for my records, and burn 2 DVDs. Sometimes all that stuff takes a while, but it’s not hard to do. You drag a while, and wait for it to transfer or wait for the DVD to finish burning.

I could not have been more wrong. I could try … but I would not be successful. First of all, for those of you who have seen my pictures on facebook, you already know I hate this editing software. It’s not intuitive, I feel like it has a lot of limitations, and simple tasks take a lot of steps to execute. Basically, it’s no Final Cut Pro. The program is called Aurora Edit, and it looks really simple … and the simplicity actually makes it more complicated. And did I mention this program is on a Windows computer? Yea, that’ll be important later.

Anyway. So, I spent all day yesterday editing my three packages I need to complete by the end of my internship (today). I was in much better shape by the end of the day yesterday than I thought I would be. This, unfortunately, gave me a false sense of security. I did not realize I would spend my morning in a battle with a computer that obviously does not want me to complete this task.

Here’s the battle. I exported my video files to a .mov format. That’s what (I thought) was read by almost any playback device, and it’s what I’m used to using, so I figured that would be a safe bet. So I did that. Well, this PC doesn’t read .mov files. Why is it capable of creating this format of files? That is beyond me. But I figured I’d save them to an external hard drive just so I’d have a copy for my records. Well, the external hard drive is formatted to be read by a Mac … and it can apparently only go one way. If it had originally been formatted for a PC my Mac wouldn’t be able to read it either. Whose idea was that?

Hard drive was a no. Strike One.

Now I’m just trying to burn a DVD for my supervisor and my advisor at school. Two little tiny DVDs with one file on it. Sounds simple. I figured it doesn’t really matter if I have a copy for myself, so I moved on with my life and got to the part I actually need to submit to someone for credit. Ha. This is a joke. Maybe next week I’ll laugh about it, but right now, I just want to break this computer. It apparently reads no files that I export. There is no simple way to burn a DVD. The computer lays on its side, so the DVD drive is sideways too … and I don’t know that the DVD is even sitting in there correctly. I’ve tried dragging files to the DVD. Denied. I’ve tried burning a DVD from Windows Media Player (that’s what online research told me to do). And I’ve even stooped so low as to import my files into Windows Movie Maker (oh heaven help us).

DVD burning is turning into Strike Two.

So now I’ve down converted once good quality video, to a windows media audio/video file. It’s grainy, low quality, wrong dimensions. But it appears to be copying to the DVD (which Windows Media Player incorrectly identifies as an Audio CD — fantastic).

I’m a fairly tech savvy person. I’ve taught myself many different software programs and can work on multiple platforms. Whoever designed software for Windows computers was not thinking of their users. Nothing is straightfoward or clear. It’s all a lot of guesswork and troubleshooting. It’s very frustrating.


Update: After a few very frustrating hours, I borrowed a flash drive from another intern, moved the files to my personal Mac (which I brought from home, just in case), and burned two DVDs from there. Thankfully we never got to strike three… that would have been very disheartening.



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