The Final Countdown

Week 8. Two days left.

My week 7 got pretty busy, and I ended up not having time to work on the stories I’m supposed to write and edit. Oopsie. But I definitely liked how things worked out. It made one of my last weeks feel like I did something useful, and that’s always a good way to end things. Unfortunately, that means this last week will involve a lot of me spending time in an edit bay … which I actually don’t mind. It’s quiet in here and I don’t have to listen to the noisy people in the newsroom.

Yesterday morning, I was talking to one of the sunrise reporters who I’ve been helping with stuff the past couple weeks. I told him it was my last week, and he gave me a hard time because now who is he going to harrass! I chuckled, but then he turned the conversation a more serious direction. “Do you have all your stuff done?” he asked. I told him that’s what I was working on all this week.  He looked at his watch and told me time was ticking away. He then asked if I knew the rule about not editing after 2:30pm. Common sense had told me long before now that out of respect for people who actually work here, and actually have deadlines that need to be met, it was common courtesy not to take up their workspace too late in the day.

For some reason, this conversation with Rich made me a little nervous. I wasn’t pushing myself to get this stuff done really fast. I was still dragging my feet with only a few days to go. He mentioned that some interns get here really early or come really late to edit so they can take their time. So this morning, I got here 20 minutes earlier than usual (not real early), but I wanted to try and get a head start. I don’t know why I was worried. I have all three scripts written. It’s just a matter of recording the voice over and putting everything in the timeline.

I’ve been here for a little over an hour. I’m almost done with my first story, and I’ve blogged. I know how to put together a package. I do this almost every week for Crossroads. I did this once a day when I went to Sioux City. I have two days to edit 3 (already written) packages … that won’t air … and no one will likely ever see.

I’m not worried anymore.


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