Tying Up Loose Ends

It’s my pentultimate week at WTHR. I’m almost not an intern anymore … I can go back to being the co-producer of Crossroads … I can be the executive producer for TV News … I can work with people I know and like.

I planned to use my last two weeks here to write and edit my three packages that I am supposed to complete before leaving here. Monday I wasn’t very motivated. I worked on my scripts a little … and I started to worry about finding a third story. The week’s focus was the heat wave and doing a story on heat did not seem interesting to me. Lucky for me, things feel into place throughout the rest of the week. Tuesday a reporter asked me to help make phone calls on come along on a story with her. Sadly, it was a heat story, and by the end of the day I was convinced I had almost all the symptoms of heat stroke … but I figured at least I have a story I can work on since my time is running out. I actually felt pretty helpful throughout the day. In the morning, Mary had a meeting so I worked some things out for her, and made a bunch of phone calls to various organizations, city groups, etc. to see what the city’s response to the heat wave was. It actually ended up being somewhat informative … even for a story about something people can pretty much see for themselves if they look outside.

At the end of that day, it turned out John Stehr (who I worked with on the generation project) needed an intern to do an interview for him on Wednesday. He had to be at the station for a staff photo and wouldn’t be able to make it to the interview on time. Lucky for him (and for me), my intern supervisor asked me if I was available to help. John has been so great to work with. He makes me feel useful and teaches me more than I’ve learned from almost anyone else here. The story is part of a series building up to the SuperBowl. A different anchor does a story every week, and this story isn’t set to run for another month or two. Talk about working ahead. Typically, they feature different ways Indianapolis is gearing up for the SuperBowl in February, and this specific story was about the merchandise provider for the Colts. It’s a company based in Indianapolis, but they work with companies across the country. They are the main provider of merchandise for SuperBowl XLVI.

John pushed me to shoot a stand-up (pretty much a staple here … I don’t always agree with that, but in some cases it works). So I am now using that footage to put together my own package for my final whatever it is I’m supposed to do.


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