You know there’s no news when …

As I sit here writing this I’m drinking a hot cup of tea from my cute travel mug. The irony is … today is the hottest day of a week that has already sent the newsroom into a heat frenzy. Weather is news here. If it’s raining, there are 3 reporters doing stories about rain. If it’s hot, there are 2 or 3 reporters doing stories about heat. The morning meeting consisted of deciding that this week heat will lead, and we need to find a lot of different angles to do the story.

Use of water in heat, crowded pools, hot playgrounds … that’s just the beginning. There are new ideas every day. Stories that aren’t really news. I (as a viewer) most likely realize that it’s hot. I most likely understand that pools will be crowded and metal playgrounds will be hot. If it’s raining, I understand that the roads might be wet, or there might be traffic, or I might need to use an umbrella. If it’s snowing, I won’t go outside, simple as that.

There are people somewhere in this city with interesting stories to be told. Instead … we’re getting numerous stories people could look out their window and see with their own eyes. It’s just disappointing.


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