What I Learned About Humans

In this last two weeks, and especially the past 2 days, I’ve logged a lot of interviews. Not usually long interviews, but you’d be surprised how long it takes to listen through and type up every single word spoken in a 5-15 minute conversation. To log, it takes anywhere between an hour or 3 hours.

It’s really draining too. Here’s what I’ve observed. People do not talk in sentences. We ramble. We speak in run-on sentences like it’s our job. Maybe it’s because we learn to speak before we learn to write, and before we learn proper grammar. People start sentences and then stop mid word and start a new sentence. They make up words, they use a lot of fillers. ‘I mean …’, ‘You know… ‘ (and no I don’t…), ‘But, so … ‘. Yikes. I feel weird typing that all out. The um’s and uh’s weren’t as bad as I thought, but there was plenty of other nonsense in their speech.

It was just really annoying to listen to. And I was surprised by how bad it was. I knew we have gotten lazy in our speech, but I hadn’t realized how lazy. If I had just been having a conversation with these people I would have likely not noticed the nonsense. But in typing it out, it was blaringly obvious that half the stuff they were saying didn’t make much sense. 


Another thing I learned … lighting is still an art even if you’ve been doing it for 35 years.


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