Top of the Hill

Today – June 30th – marks the halfway point of my internship experience. 4 weeks down … 4 more to go. The days seem long, but when I look at the calendar and realize I’ve been here a month that seems unreal.

Every week has high and low points. There is still a lot of time when I don’t have anything to do, so I’ve just found projects to do on my own. Things that don’t contribute to the daily grind, but it’s helping me learn nonetheless.

Early in the week, I continued working on the school information gathering I started last week.  It wasn’t super exciting, and I absolutely dread making phone calls, but many places didn’t answer so I ended up look most of the information up on their websites when I could find it.

This morning I also went out and got an interview about unemployment laws that are changing. One of the sunrise reporter’s set up the interview, so all I really had to do was show up and ask some questions. I didn’t even really have a chance to ask questions because Fox had also sent a reporter and we just figured we could do the interviews at the same time and he asked all my questions for me. When I got back, I logged the interview (basically that means I type up everything that is said and what time so it’s easier to find later) and the producer had me choose a soundbite that fit in the script.

I have also been recruited to help with a project! It’s a good feeling, and it all happened sort of accidentally. A couple weeks ago, a few select interns got an e-mail asking them to be a part of a project called ‘The Generations Project.’ I don’t know how they were picked, but each were paired up with a reporter/anchor who was heading up a certain aspect of the project. It’s going to air mid-July and there will be different stories every night looking into different generational issues.

Anyway, not many interns come in on Thursdays. We don’t have to meet a certain number of hours per week, and I’m guessing since they have other jobs they just work 3 days and take the rest of the week to do other things. I have no other job, so it only makes sense for me to get as many hours here as I can. So last Thursday, I was mostly just hanging out, calling some schools, counting down ’til my weekend could begin, when the intern supervisor came over to my desk to see if I was busy. Since I wasn’t doing anything pressing or urgent, I was asked to go out and shoot man on the street interviews (you can read more about that in my last post).

I figured it was kind of a one time thing. I knew there were already interns paired with the anchors, and figured I was picked just because there were no other options. I think that is still true. However, the anchor, John Stehr, asked the other day who had done those interviews. He was directed to me, and from there he’s just taken me along for the ride. (I’m not sure if an intern said no, or he just didn’t know who they were and assumed it was me). So today (Thursday) started my first day working with him. He conducted some interviews this afternoon and had me tag along to make some notes, and after the video is added to the computer it’s my job to log the interview.

I wasn’t really sure where else this would go. John has been great in including me, keeping me in the loop, and making me feel like I’m going to be an important part of this process. Next week will get even more involved. Tuesday morning I’ll type up the interview from today, and in the afternoon we are going to meet with a historian and talk to him. Wednesday, John is sending me to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (cool!!) to talk to some of the staff that works there. They all belong to different generations and we want to better understand how they all work together.

So next week means more interviews, more logging, and finally doing something good.  It’s such an encouragement to finally be working on a project, and somehow it’s finally something that is uplifting to the community! I enjoy human interest, and learning about how different generations work together is fascinating. I definitely like this kind of work much better … it reminds me a little more of Crossroads, and that’s definitely what I think I enjoy a lot more.

Overall, it’s been an encouraging end of the week and an encouraging turn of events at the top of the hill. It’s been a climb to get here to the top and I think the going will be a little less steep on the climb down. I feel like I can take a big sigh of relief at this point.

Now it’s time for my four day fourth of July weekend!


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