Observe and Learn

It’s been 2 full weeks now of interning.  There isn’t much new to add.  After Monday, I spent most of my time watching, learning, getting ideas of things I would and wouldn’t do if I ran a newsroom. It’s been really beneficial because my senior project is going to be just that.

I’ve paid a lot of attention to how the news director conducts meetings and makes decisions.  Listening to the morning meetings has given me ideas on how to be a good manager, and how not to be a good manager.  It’s broadened my scope for story ideas as well, and I’m already thinking ahead to fall when the TV News class going to have to find stories on campus.

I’ve studied the rundown, learned about the format and how things are organized. There isn’t really a set pattern; every producer makes their own decisions depending on the content they are assigned and content they choose to include. I’ve read scripts, and noticed how their broadcast style of writing is different from what we learn.  It seems like they make things a little more complicated because they script pauses in weird places.

Today, I spent some time working with the web content manager.  She keeps track of what goes on the website, what goes on the facebook/twitter pages, and keeps track of what viewers or fans are saying.  This is another area I should learn more about.  WTHR uses different software programs to create their web content for the website, and I’m trying to figure out how that can translate into a manageable working website. For people who are busy during the actual newscasts, or want more frequent updates, the website is their main source of news and information. It’s more important than I realized to make sure web content is well managed.

Overall, it hasn’t been a productive week.  But that’s the life of an intern.  It’s a big station, people are plenty capable of doing their jobs without us, and there isn’t really all that much for an intern to do.  So I’ve just been observing, learning, and forming my own opinions. 

The most I’ve gotten out of this week is that I’m feeling very inspired and motivated to work on my senior project.  I’ve spent some time brainstorming based on what I’ve observed this week. For those who don’t know, I’m working with the TV News class in the fall as the executive producer/news director. I took the class 2 years ago, and my goal is to try and build on what we started that year. That means making sure newscasts go smoothly, adding more web elements, and doing a lot of pre-production and out of class training. I’m very excited to use everything I’m learning from here (what to do and what NOT to do) to make that class a good experience for everyone involved. I like having an opinion that matters, and I like being able to create a vision and have the freedom to make the vision happen however that may be.


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