Missing in Action

One of the most interesting parts of the past two weeks has been following the Lauren Spierer case.  The search and case itself have been interesting because as a kid I always wanted to be a detective.  I find myself forming theories and ideas along with everyone else … wondering how this story is going to end.

The first week here, we had two reporters cover the story every day. One doing the main investigation, the other covering any side stories (people searching, impact on community, etc.). This week has been different because the question remains … how much coverage do we devote to one missing girl?

The ethical diliema (as kindly pointed out by commentors on the website and facebook) is that so many people go missing all the time.  Why is this ONE girl getting so much coverage? It’s a question I still haven’t answered, but at the same time, I find myself waiting for more information everyday. I come to work hoping that today is the day we learn something. The station can’t cover every single missing person. We aren’t the search station. We cover news. For some reason, this has grabbed people’s attention, and to stop covering it now would severely disappoint many viewers who are looking for answers.

During my down time, I read update stories and learn new information the police uncover. Then, I always notice how many comments are listed below the article. It’s fascinating to see people’s reactions. Some are convinced that they know exactly what happen. Others are mad that there is so much coverage. Others are mad at the police. Still others simply comment to express their sympathies to the family.

It’s been an intriguing two weeks of news.  Part of me wishes there was more variety … and the other part can’t wait to see what happens next.


One thought on “Missing in Action

  1. Nicole Chromey says:

    Ah! I have been following this case every single day. Every day on my way to work I type in her name in the google search and see what News articles are posted. It’s exciting you’re working so close to the details!

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