Hope on the Horizon

I got my first break! I made sure the producers knew I was here to help them today. In the early afternoon, I did some research for a full screen graphic, and when I finished that, I asked if there was anything else they wanted me to do. One producer had a fairly simple VO (voice over … basically means the anchor reads while video is playing) she wanted me to write.

After I finished, I read over it a couple times … feeling nervous, I finally sent it over to her. Minutes later I got the response, “Good job! I didn’t have to change a thing … I didn’t know you could write. I’m going to see if I have more stuff for you to do.”

Okay. Maybe I’m not in the wrong place. It’s good to know that I do have talent, and I am good at what I thought I was good at.

And thank you S-V-O.


One thought on “Hope on the Horizon

  1. Nicole Chromey says:

    WOOHOO! A break! This must be a good week for interns because after feeling a little disappointed and defeated myself… I finally think I broke some ground this week and made a mark as well. Congratulations… because I completely know how AMAZING that probably felt to get that response from her 🙂 I hope things continue to get better!

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