Beginning of a Journey

Life throws its share of curveballs.  It’s full of unexpected surprises and blessings.  If you had asked me a year ago what this summer was going to look like, my guess would not have even been close to what it’s shaping up to look like.

Last summer, I had no idea where I wanted to intern at.  All I knew was that I wanted to intern at a news station somewhere … and hope fully somewhere that I’d have a place to live.  My first thought was to live at home and intern in Detroit, MI, and expanded that search to Lansing, MI.  From there, I spread out my search throughout bigger cities in the Midwest area: Chicago, Cleveland, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis.  Even that was stretching because I didn’t know where I would live most of those places.

December of this past year rolled around, and I realized I needed to start finding stations in these cities to apply at.  The deadline I set for myself was beginning of March.  A few stations wanted applications submitted by March 1st, so I figured that was a good goal for the rest of my applications too.  I think I ended up applying at 6-8 stations (I honestly can’t remember the exact number, because they all started to blur together).

The day I finished mailing out resumes, I got an e-mail from the intern director at WTHR in Indianapolis.  He wanted to find a time to meet with me to discuss an internship. This was the first (and turned out to be the only) station that responded! I was ecstatic. During the application process, I had never been nervous about getting an internship.  I’d been lucky so far in my experiences, and I was sure God would continue to open doors.  But there was that lurking feeling … what if it didn’t happen? What if no one got back to me? So when Paul e-mailed me, there was an overwhelming sense of relief.

That e-mail arrived during spring break.  Luckily, I spent much of my spring break in Indiana and was available for an interview that week (so I didn’t have to miss class). So I made the drive down to Indy, got there a little bit early, and Paul came out to the lobby and met me.  I’d gotten a tour of WTHR fall of sophomore year, so he skipped giving me another tour (in hindsight I wish I could have gone on another tour … so I would feel more oriented when I start in a month).

The interview was brief … we talked about my goals, my experiences, and how I could help WTHR this summer.  By the end of the interview, he’d given me the internship and a week to make a decision.

I pretty much made my decision on the drive back to Marion. I wanted to take the internship.  I’ve heard such good things about WTHR and I knew I would be given a lot of opportunities to focus on producing which is what I want to do. My only hiccup would be housing. My hometown is in Michigan. I’m not going to have an income this summer.  I wouldn’t be able to pay for an apartment for 2 months. My parents were willing to help with costs, but I didn’t want them to spend money they didn’t need to. My boyfriend has family that lives near Indy, and we asked if they would be willing to let me live with them.  They were very gracious and said it was definitely something they were open to. I was hesitant to commit because they have 4 kids middle school through college age, and someone would not have a bedroom.  I didn’t want to kick someone out of their room, and I didn’t want the house to feel crowded for anyone.

But then my parents remembered that friends of theirs live near Indianapolis as well.  Just for kicks and giggles, my dad asked them if they would have room for me to live with them.  They had a spare bedroom and live closer to Converse/Marion where I’ll end up spending most of my weekends. They are letting me live there absolutely free of charge, and I’m so grateful for their willingness and generosity!

Somehow everything fell into place.  God was opening doors and working everything out in his own way.  There was definitely a great deal of stress for me, but in hindsight, I realize God’s hand was on it all the way.  I’m anticipating a great summer … full of growth and learning.


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